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If you can't connect to the server, then download one release and run it to connect! If it timeouts, run the program again.rarexe7z

Grand Theft Online



skin mod not allowed anymore, _only_ dff/txd vehicle/weapon mod is alloweda month ago
its not ddos, ovh have some network issues probably..2 months ago
the view distance is increased, let us know your opinion at voting page :)3 months ago
you got challanged: months ago
seems like munir was busy and licked many ass in the last 2 week to ddos for him, so go kill his camels!3 months ago vips chargebacked from fuckencio3 months ago
al3ood (munir's asslicker) said he bring down gto but he doesnt have the balls for it as we can see :-)4 months ago
I lost all donates what we collect and my balance is in negative (-31 000HUF and there's still 18 chargebacks left.. which would be like plus -100 000HUF) and I dont know how gonna solve this. update: Rick saved us until december :D4 months ago
If you can't connect to the server download and run it to connect, close MTA and try again if it doesn't work.3 months ago
the server experiencing lag because the rats (munir) chewing the network :/ so we need to get a good disinfestanter4 months ago
sorry for the lag but nlbluerat attack the server again4 months ago
some cockroach tries to copy our server (munir) but they just want your password!4 months ago
update your mta to otherwise you wont able to crouch!5 months ago
crouch bug is not allowed, so may u get banned until its fixed..5 months ago
everything rollbacked to the 12 hours earlier backup (06.26 00:00)5 months ago
now you can unlink facebook from your acc6 months ago
forum registration fixed6 months ago
new chat functions: months ago
all invalid email address removed7 months ago
we moved to OVH, new ip is: or mta.gtasa.eu7 months ago
If you have 4E070000 error downgrade your mta7 months ago
found our ddoser: called ThaDealerz a.k.a. nlbluegamer8 months ago
alternative website addr if the first is down8 months ago
gangs with vip name deleted.. next time ban8 months ago
ambiguous gang name isnt allowed, using it will have consequences9 months ago
our new ip, use this instead of the old ip plz!10 months ago
Our server is continuously ddosed and the hosting company protection filters out all traffic when it happens (they attack with 6gbps!) until we didnt figure out something keepin mta running is pointless10 months ago
stay tuned for the end of the year, we have a suprise ;) (GMT+1)a year ago
jetpack is now explodable ;)a year ago
jetPack minlevel decreased to 20a year ago
server maintenance on monday after 12:00 (GMT+1) - few hours downtime expecteda year ago
weapon ammo bug should be fixed 'il mta doesnt fix ita year ago
new donate options added ;)a year ago
accept the client update if u dont want to crash in dmsa year ago
instant headshot kill disabled -- reenableda year ago
new radar look, press F6 to (de)activatea year ago
level 1 players who didnt logged in the last 2 months deleteda year ago
cj customize via /customize2 years ago
jetpack duration changed to 10 hours2 years ago
motherboard died in the server, so everything moved into a new server2 years ago
thank you for your participation april fools2 years ago
i have bad news, our database is corrupted and all levels lost2 years ago
the cheap netherland copy server is just a desperated try to gain your password!2 years ago
camping and killing low level players will be punished2 years ago
email change function added2 years ago
armour reduces the chance of headshot to half2 years ago
updated cashboxes, increased reward2 years ago
link your account w/ facebook on web (more fb features are coming e.g. notification on login)2 years ago
added jetpack, armor in ammunation (not permanent)2 years ago
3 new house, second import (+mapicons) added2 years ago
stating (killing your fellow 100 times) is not allowed2 years ago
Password recovery: years ago
new features on web: ban your nick, change email, reset serial2 years ago
leveldown removed2 years ago
xp loose amount changed (random 1-5%), leveldown added, bonus xp for kill also added2 years ago
Ability to upload gang logo on the webpage, which will visibile ingame (scoreboard and above the player name)3 years ago
type /t toLanguage text -- to translate the text [languages: en, hu, de, ..etc]3 years ago
PM features: /block nick to un/block nick, /blockall to un/block all3 years ago
spawn protect method changed (deactivates if u press a button)3 years ago
new house vehicle spawn points by DereX & Kiwi (all vehicles deleted and the prize gave back to the gang bank!)3 years ago
house vehicle system added, u have to upgrade to level 1 atleast to spawn vehicle3 years ago
added weapon skills manager (F10), designed by DereX3 years ago
fuel improved: the rolling (no accelerating) doesnt consume fuel anymore3 years ago
check our homepage: www.gtasa.eu3 years ago
boundary added to DMs (leave = die)3 years ago
Level 0-20 Deathmatches configured, more soon (DereX)3 years ago
improved weapon hack detector3 years ago
added a workaround to temporary fix bot killmessages :)3 years ago
Import at Easter Basin improved (table instead text, like in single)3 years ago
ammunations map icon added, empty ammunations also fixed3 years ago
improved bugreport function3 years ago
alpha chat gui system, press shift+tab to use it3 years ago
vehicle doors can be locked/unlocked by key 'K'3 years ago
vehicle lights can be turned on/off by 'L' key3 years ago
xp, money lost on death is decreased around to half3 years ago
added healthbar to bots3 years ago
turf areas xp, money amount increased3 years ago